Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Orleans

My life is so special and i am so so lucky.

today, i woke up feeling horrible (physically).  i meditated for an hour, texted with my sister for a bit, meditated for another hour, ate some oatmeal with dates and kumquats and took a hoooot bath.

Then i got hopped on my sweet borrowed 1970's upright fendered bike and road across town, 8 miles on a brusque, sunny winter day.  i met cello friend in uptown, at the live oak cafe---a sweet bustling local foody cafe.  we split new orleans comfort foods--banana pancakes with chantilly cream and candied pecans, huevos rancheros.  talked about plectrum based instruments and harp tunings and just enjoying the good company.  and DELICIOUS food.  a man played harp in the corner. cute dogs outside.  the bustle around us slowly quieting down during the hour.

then heading a few blocks south to the levee for samba dance troupe practice.  it was warm enough to be barefoot.  january 24.  bare soles on grass.  someone gave me a lovely dancey skirt to use for the parade, and we practiced the dances in our formation.  kristina and eze surprised me, delight!

end of practice and a mad dash for the bus--seeing it just pulling away and chasing it on my bike for blocks until it stopped at a red light and i begged the driver to let me on.  aaaahhh so happy to be seated and warm.  to basin st. lounge for mardi gras indian practice, pausing at the bar across the street for fried fish and fries, freshly greased and steaming.  then the intensity and power of mardi gras indian practice, big chief daryl montana and yellow pocahantos.  tambourines banging.  voices raised, arms raised in confrontational dances that contain the seeds of violence but eventually melt into arm-over-shoulder comrarderie.  riding to the french quarter, finally familiar enough with the city that i can find my way around.  and home, chill in the air just cutting through my wool jacket but the promise of a cozy house awaiting.

early bed.