Wednesday, January 27, 2010

everything you need in life is streaming towards you

my friend shell batiked this beautiful quote onto a lovely orange banner for me--it hangs above my desk and is a regular source of reflection. its a great question to contemplate. sometimes i clearly see gifts rushing towards me; yoga classes, a free massage table, the night sky full of stars, delicious smoothies.

right now, its tone is more one of: everything i need to learn and grow is rushing towards me. i've been trying hard to resist the lessons, and thankfully failing at least half the time. more support in the various cville projects also seems to be coming downstream towards me, as well as birth-learning opportunities, a musical partner to inspire me, satisfying work and even a little income.

One of my yoga teachers recently said "the first step to getting what you want is knowing what it is". so here is my special requests portion, things that i'm asking the universe to send my way in bounteous abundance: HUGS, open listening hearts, buddy adventures, self-love, jews, and dancing opportunities.