Tuesday, January 22, 2008

well, i've done my first 2 reiki sessions for other people. the first was my friend julie, she's been struggling with complex emotional/relationship stuff and we both went in really deep. it felt very good to transmit healing energy for her, and after we were both a little woozy. the second was last night, a man that i am starting to have a sweet and intimate connection with. during the session, i kept having strong inclinations to bring in some massage stuff, to alter and add to the traditional series. but i held myself back, wanting to get it down the basics before incorporating my own intuitive stuff. Jonas passed out hardcore, he was totally asleep for the whole second half. and i found it somewhat hard and heavy, very different from the lightness and easy gentleness with Julie. when we chatted about it this morning, Jonas said that he could feel me tapping into his energetic body--seems like a good thing to keep in mind. also he resonated with my instincts to apply more pressure, saying that this was the most affective for him.

this is the last week for the kitchen, it closes down for the season on Sunday. i've been really enjoying being a kitchen grunt. its so satisfying, the tasks and goals are clear and its very laid back. There's a rumour spreading about Damanhur expanding with a community in the Catskills! Julie (she's also the baker here) and i started fantasizing about Jewtopia in the Catskills Damanhur, with a collectively run kosher local organic restaurant and bakery.

and, i've FINALLY overcome my fear and resistance and begun blunding my way through the process of editing the music tracks that we recorded post-adamah. the idea is to produce a CD of the morning prayers. its all very new to me and there's so much i don't know, but i'm loving the process. its helping me see also that my creative strengths lie in transmitting or altering versus just straight up creation. its a huge judgement i have of myself, so hopefully i can find more creative outlets that are satisfying and speak to my strengths.