Sunday, October 25, 2009


i quit playing violin for over a month recently. all the band/combo stuff dried up--accordianist from accordian death squad joined the circus in south america, and trout and i seem to have lost the motivation for the irish stuff. things got busy, we bought this hostel, etc. somehow, it doesn't take much and suddenly i'm back to being 12 years old and not wanting to "practice." nevermind that it brings me immense joy, and is critical to my mental/emotional well-being. i'm just to fidgety NOT to play music--having the outlet available at all times is so sanity inducing.

finally, thank goodness, someone posted a link to this video on facebook . i showed it to housemate darla who does not have this problem--she obsessively plays music all the time, and told me that it seemed like i didn't like my violin very much! we ended up jamming on it. lately i've been listening to some amazing and nearly indecipherable macedonian's why i love eastern european culture....the lyrics translate to
If I die or if I'm killed
Don't cry for me
Pour red wine
And break the glasses

Hey, faithful friends
Sing a song, remember me

If I die or if I'm killed
Don't call a priest
Come to my grave
And dance the oro

If I die or if I'm killed
The memories will be
What a wild dude I was
In the years of my youth!

also trying to the jazz thing--darla's currently obssessed with this song, so i've been playing it a bit. now if we can just get the band back together....