Sunday, October 4, 2009


last night we took a friend and willow out to acorn for the Testival of Villages in the Sky. I was feeling a bit trepidatious, big parties often give me the weirdies esp. since going off substances. the benefits of social lubricants... I often get caught in the "where should i be now, what should i be doing now who should i be talking to" brain trip.

We got there around 4 and rounded up folks for a game of ultimate frisbee--the frisbee folks are always ready to go play wherever, whenever. we even had a couple of the teens, kids of x-commundards both. it was just super fun, tight tight D so you had to be on your toes. those kids just tearing around the field.

I made my way down to the party site slowly, after meditating. amazing how sometime it takes the whole hour of sitting there fighting with my brain, and then in the final minute, something just falls away allowing a tiny bit more presence.

then slowly bouncing around--rockin' out on the dance floor, chatting here and there. romance in the herb garden with the moon washing everything in steely blue light, chatting with vince about romance ("what is that makes something romantic?"), sitting in the crow's nest looking down at the beautiful fire circle, people wandering. watching willow and tarren tear around all night, jumping in the trampoline, the ball pit, chasing giant balls around...sitting by the fire as the evening wound down.