Monday, June 9, 2014

more lists

there has been so much abundance in my life of late that there is no time to blog about it.  highlights:

*waking up to a pan of homemade enchiladas and 5 lbs of organic ripe blueberries in the fridge with my name on them

*an entire day spent at the beautiful prairie creek lodge, hazy sun, sipping beers, meandering through the woodsy natural burial cemetery with sweet friends, lolling listening to music.  "can i buy you a vanilla ice cream?"

*curled up together on the porch papazon at night, drifting in and out of sleep. waking to see you gazing down at me with heavy-lidded care-filled eyes.

*church.  knees touch. sweet gaze.  tears.

*blissfully canoeing around lake wauburg, lounging in the middle seat in a lawn chair, 2 canoes chatting, sun setting.  tunes in the gazebo.  tunes indoors.

*riding bike no hands under the half moon, summer warmth blowing around me

*abandoned blueberry farm, sitting by the lake with bags full of warm sweet berries chatting no time hidden away

*being stopped short in the hallway by a hand on the back of my head that causes my blood to alternately boil and pump wildly, freezing and melting simultaneously

*days of folk fest, meandering lazily and in good company.  eating free shrimp.  hearing music everywhere.  dancing dancing dancing.  midnight skinny dip under the moon and electric heat rising off of every surface

*skies opening and rain pouring, stuck on a porch with the blue sky peeking through

*catching eyes across a roomful of dancing people at GODS contra dance.  laser.

*securing an awesome new massage office; landlord hugs me.  amazing job offer that includes unlimited free network chiropractic.  standing job offer at siembra.

*fridge full to bursting of delicious local organic veggies

*friends who want to massage me

*amazing key lime pie on a rainy saturday, laughing and laughing at cards against humanity and celebrity

*raspberries.  melons.  papaya.  BLUEBERRIES.