Wednesday, May 7, 2014

lately my drug of choice is


at some point in nearly every day, i give over the computer addiction, throw on shorts and sneakers, take the ipod with, of late, this.

as soon as my body is moving, i can feel the stupid press of thoughts start to fade to the background, feet pounding concrete.  moving, moving moving and escaping the incessant BS of my brain.  feeling tired now of all the things that are BS, patience only for the simple clear things.  after there's a clarity and ease in my body and brain that is becoming addicting.  all the naggy little things just don't matter, and my body feels strong and capable of dealing with whatever is coming at me.

i really just want to be dancing it all away.

getting the 2 week itch.....still feels like an unsteady place things are in but perhaps that isn't true.  its all kind of dumb, everything that isn't easy i suppose.

still plugging on.

still, wanting.