Sunday, April 4, 2010

no time for posting

we're in the thick of it now....i skipped town right after the hostel expansion open house and cville foodscapes launch party, perfect timing! my getaway was to spend 10 days serving in the kitchen at a silent meditation retreat. hard to capture how incredibly rewarding this experience was....i got to be the kitchen manager, and it stretched me in every way imaginable. Its hard work, long days, but with at least 3 hours of meditation each day and total support from the staff and center it was such a growthful experience.

now i'm home, and its spring! the peas are coming up, each morning the garden pulls me out barefoot and half dressed to plant more seeds and admire the new baby seedlings poking up. bees are going nuts with all the fruit trees, and business is booming. bike riding is pure delight again, salad every day and basil starts on my window sill.

sweet, sweeter, sweetest!