Sunday, September 28, 2008

how to get to eastern europe?

here i am at the vegetarian festival. A woman from the Central Virginian took this picture and then wrote, asking if i'm a Twin Oaks resident!

Rob Breszny has instructed me to "stay alert for what i don't realize i need to know". in response to that, sky pointed out that my intuition is stronger than his, but i trust it less. so, my self-instruction for this next slew of adventures is to keep my eyes open and my consciousness fluid.

we're back in c'ville, sky flies across the pond tomorrow. yesterday was a long and good day--we worked our little tushies off at the vegetarian festival. we were running the twin oaks tofu booth, ironically enough. we passed out many tiny cups of ira's amazing greek tofu salad, bulgar tempeh pilaf, wild mushroom pate and tofu chocolate "cheese" cake. and ate lots of it ourselves. then it really started pouring and we holed up at the mudhouse, reading and computering til quite late. at the end of the night, we met up with rat--local activist and musician. it was great walking around and chatting with her, good inspiration for the community center. and for music. i really like her, she's super chill and very straight talking, and she railed against the patriarchy of orthodox jews.

somewhere in there, i got totally wired on coffee, kicking me out of my entrenched pms and sending my cells into vibratory shock.

i'm trying to finagle a way to get to eastern europe. i'm dying to go there, i want to learn music and dance the dances and sing, just soak in that culture. it seems ludicrous to go all the way over there and then stop at prague. any leads?