Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 I am excited about Occupy Wallstreet.  I'll admit it straight out.  Some part of me rejoices at people re-claiming public space, looking to each other to provide for basic needs, carving out space to discuss the power structures and unyielding point a finger at the deep injustice to which we have all become inured.

There's lots of
great links i could post, but the best coverage I've found is on democracy now.  check it out of your at all curious--in particular, there's a great interview with David Graeber.  So is it effective?  What is the point?

As my brilliant housemate Sara Tansey says, if people are having an experience of a different and better way of creating a society, its working!   Perhaps  most compelling is the notion that this is not a protest; it is a demonstration of how to run our society in a more inclusive and equitable way.  The General Assembly Model is a model for inclusion and democratic decision making on a mass scale. 

Many unions have endorsed the action, and the mobilization is spreading to other cities, including Washington, LA, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Portland Maine, Denver...and many more are popping up.  The first Occupy Cville meeting is tomorrow, 6:30 at Random Row Books--stop by if your in the area!