Sunday, January 11, 2009

should be sleeping

latest brainstorm....

groups of neighborhood-based garden cooperatives: 4 or 5 people who have gardens and want more help with them would rotate weekly garden work parties. folks who like gardening but can't have a garden can jump in and help.

this came out of chatting with brian at food not bombs this morning. we chopped peppers and he fed an avocado to baby mave (the most intelligent looking baby i've ever soon--i swear she looks right into your soul), and tossed around ideas for building community through urban ag and growing food.

at tonsler park, we unloaded the beans and rice, fruit cake, tea and dishes. rollie x twin oaks was there, i chatted with him and he echoed the theme of late, hard up on money and wanting to start a garden. brainstormed with shelly about an urban bike commuter zine, to be released during the VA festival of the book. laughed about an article that mis-quoted her as saying that because she bikes more, her family eats less (she actually said that they consume less, as in not buying useless crap that you don't need anyway).

i walked home after, contemplating my mentrual state and reconnecting to my innards.
kelly and i had our first massage train trade later--i worked on her for an hour, then she demonstrated and we practiced on sky. she's good. she worked on my forearms and neck a bit, noodlefying my upper back. lent my a wrist brace to sleep in, and warned me to take breaks when doing garden work. stretch the wrists daily.

we're going to do weekly trades, i'll work on her for an hour, then she'll work on me and demonstrate on sky. next week, neck and shoulders. she lent me her anatomy book. feels good to get back into massage, very grounding. and a bit overwhelming how much i have to learn. still figuring out where the muscles are and how to feel them.

tomorrow is another garden day, more digging beds and maybe a field trip for some row cover--the kale and spinach are languishing. bread and puppet is in town, i'm trying to convince sky to take a night off and see them. band practice in the afternoon. life rolls on.