Friday, September 30, 2011



Saturday night, sky and i came home from an invigorating Transition Town potluck just plumb tuckered.  It was a gathering of the folks from Transition Cville Albermarle and a couple folks from Transition Staunton, a fairly well established group.  More in a future post--but here i just want to say:  we arrived home to a kitchen full o' grannies.  Piper and Marione, Twin Oaks' oldest ladies were spending the night at woodfolk.  they were attending MIC50--the conference on the military industrial complex at fifty years old. 

Both die-hard activists, these adorable biddies were eating their evening yoghurt in our kitchen.  they clucked over us and we got them towels and helped out with some settling-in logistics.  After they went off to bed, i felt such appreciation for what we are able to provide each other across the generations.  As younger folks, our help is more obvious: logistics, help getting around.  But what they offer is also so sweet and invaluable.  There's something about the unconditional love that old people give us young'uns that is unique and special. 

 Its the same when Willow is around; there's something about having a kid that brings out the playful bubblyness in everyone around them.  I want to create and live in communities that bring together the 3 generations to live inter-dependently.  The breadth and richness of connection that is possible feels tantalizingly out of reach in my current life, and having a little injection of grannynes reminds me to keep it in the forefront as a priority.