Saturday, March 28, 2009

where i'm from

you can walk on the water.

Friday, March 27, 2009

good stuff about today

swooping down the hill on my bike on watson at 9 AM, bleeding unexpectadly early, sharing kate's exciting news, aurora walking, robert's insights, ticklinghug from dream. meeting with shell, she brought me lentils and a carrot! strategizing the cville bike revolution. general hilarity. wearing the minnie mouse dress, polka dots and stripes. strolling, running into jennifer at the jewish pre-school, impromptu concert in the courtyard for the 3 year olds. one kid dinging along to the music with his tricycle bell. sitting with thomas under the giantly beautiful blossoming tree in lee park. diving into open presence, tapping into dormant parts of myself. early for the QCC meeting! explosion of possibilities to link with and learn from this awesome organization. dragging ass to critical mass...but our little band of 7 rocked hard all over town, even through the rain! saw a pair of striped underpants in the street. brought a couple kids home after as it turned to down pour, hot shower&snuggily clothes, alexis' enchiladas and hilarious stories of the wild days of early woodfolk. pawing through pictures of young sky, exuberant, skinny, painted and wild. rain pouring down outside. safe, warm, satisfied.