Saturday, May 14, 2011

back in love w/the fiddle

well, it finally happened. after a musical drought over the past year--rat and trout both out of town (ratsylvanian and irish musical compadres), no more vulgar bulgars and no more mojo--its all flowin' again. currently i am obsessed with this tune.

And having found the perfect teacher, i'm on a rigorous diet of the circle of fourths, dominant chords, modes etc. he's a jazz trumpeter (my mom found it very confusing that i had chosen him as a teacher); sweet, passionate, and totally down. he's plugging me into the theory i need to bust out on the next level. its what i've been waiting and searching for for years now.

and, with rat back in town we are yet again getting the band back together; ez on bass, sky on drums, fiddle and accordion. we had our first gig w/more coming up and now are working on the names. the ratsylvanians? peaches and vodka? new bulgar all stars? feel free to send in name suggestions.

trout is set to return soon as well, so gettin' back in the irish gear as well. check this tune out--the little sister peaking in is super cute, too.