Saturday, October 25, 2008


way too much to say but i don't want to fall too far behind so here's a brief midnight update. we're in copenhagen, denmark now and spent the past couple of days at svanholm, an egalitarian community very much like twin oaks. it was beautiful out there, the land was formerly a large estate including a nobleman's mansion. there are 60 adults and 50 kids that live there, and the kid friendly vibe is very strong. we brought willow with us and it was super fun to get some more time with him, i'm so enjoying our growing connection. we gave our first slide show presentation, and explored the various playgrounds.

now we're back in copenhagen, tonight we went to a party for the 20th anniversary of a culture house. hawina's friend ann is on the board, we were her guests there. she asked me to play some klezmer so i had my first solo stage performance in who knows how long! very fun but i bit nerve wracking. my leo side does love that undivided attention.

i've eaten enough sourdough rye bread in the past few days to feed an eastern european army. its just in my blood, i guess.

Monday, October 20, 2008

the voice gets louder

struggling to keep hanging up on the self-destructive voice in my head, and to break its strangling grip on my now-ness.

today we travel to the south of amsterdam, tomorrow a long train ride to copenhagen. perhaps i'll have time to learn a few tunes and journal along the way.