Friday, September 19, 2014


Back at twin oaks after nearly a year.  stepping into the courtyard and feeling the radical shift in bio-region wash over me; these woods are soft and sweet and soothing, a welcome change from florida's actively hostile environment. yesterday, up at 3am, on the road at 5, in the air at 9, lunch at 12, james river at 3, dinner at 7, band practice at 7 30, bed at 11.....and today i feel exhausted from  day filled with more human interactions than probably the last month combined.  also buffeted by the unrelenting memories flooding over me.  data overload.

my body is working overtime trying to process it all after a years worth of hibernation.  a promising talk with sky.  yummy food.  many babies.  hugs, chats.   exhaustion exhaustion exhaustion.  confusion.  overwhelm.  delicious clean drinking water.  explanations of plumbing systems installed.  many details.  trying to explain my life in a few words. tired of smiling pleasantly.  tired.