Tuesday, March 11, 2008

weird interum

above the 45th parallel and in 3 feet of snow, here in my snowy hometown in Michigan's upper peninsula. yesterday we went out on frozen lake superior, picking our way over and through the gigantic gems of frozen ice chunks, falling into snow pits. we reached the far off and frozen ice wave-mountain in time for the sunset, orange and purple over the lake. then racing back before darkness enveloped us in cold and wintry wind.

feel my bitchy Dr. Jeykll (Ms. Hyde?) showing her face, hard to avoid my emotional inheritance here at home (anxiety, stubborness, needyness). and my past, looming in corners and the basement full of boxes. tomorrow its onward and south, then straightish west. need to find a creative focus.

here's my initial portland proposal:
1. old timey band for contra-dances
2. gypsy band for fun
3. klezmer band for money
4. reiki group
5. start a communal house
6. knitting night
7. shabbat dinners
8. capoeira
9. ashtanga
10. hiking and ocean swimming
11. learning permaculture
12. co-counseling
13. work at juice bar or vegan restaurant
14. grow a garden in the yard