Friday, February 1, 2008

leaving jewtopia

i am missing sky---missing the solidity of a committed relationship, the trust that he'll see me fully, and love me fully, the shared values and excitement about radical social, political, cultural and spiritual change, the cuddling and lovemaking, the teasing and talking and adventuring.

tomorrow is my last day here at freedman, jonas told me that i've grown alot in these past weeks; its true, my core feels stronger from this time. the folks here now are totally awesome, and its very empowering to be immersed in a group of people who are solidly on their paths. the paths are all over the map--greenhousing, leading permaculture trips in israel, going to massage school, teaching yoga and breath/movement coordination, creating jewish scribal arts, tending to goats, herbal healing....but underneath the surface variations there's a deep and shared value system of personal and spiritual growth, connection, and community.

yesterday aviva and i packed the second of three remaining barrels of adamah kraut--20 cases all told (12 jars/case)and we'll finish up the last one tomorrow, in time for shabbas. then its on to philly on saturday for klez party part #1, dc on sunday for klez (superbowl?!?!) party #2, and finally home to my sweet baby's arms.