Sunday, August 11, 2013

This weekend was an exciting transition; marta and i took a weekend Thai Yoga Massage Class--AMAZING, and it totally rekindled my excitement and passion for doing healing work.  it is just so gratifying to be in that zone, tuning into someone's body and energy field.  Feeling into what is needed and providing it if i can.
sky has a new lady.  we are in this weird transitional space that is endlessly befuddling.  its sad and hard and i just pissed him off which is making him pull away...makes sense but it hurts.  feels weird and hard especially in this kind of semi-broken-open space i am in from a weekend of being contorted and released and compressed.  sigh.  my prayer to the universe this week is for ease.  and simplicity.  meanwhile, i'll ask myself; how do my judgements serve me?  how do they get in the way of me getting what i want?  and put myself to bed before i cause more damage.