Friday, December 13, 2013


the questions i am asking myself these days:

am i doing everything i can to get the most out of massage school?
why does my head still hurt?
who is going to cuddle me?
should i bike to school tomorrow?
food:  yummy, healthy, or just drink more water?
do more processing or just drop it?
will i stay in gainesville after school?
can i just learn from this with out reacting?
do i REALLY need more sleep?
who is going to cuddle me?
should i  busk today?
what's for lunch tomorrow?
farmer's market or grocery store?
who is going to cuddle me?

Answers welcome....

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Woke up with no particular reason to get out of bed; such a lovely feeling.  stretched, meditated, napped.  then my fave--pre-breakfast gardening in pjs.  housies were breakfasting on the porch as i started to unearth our lovely plot from its thick weed covering--discovered some dill buried in there.
housemate ali turns over the compost
Then, to the kitchen to make buttermilk pancakes w/some of the pre-dumpstered buttermilk we got delivered yesterday--delish with coconut, banana, kiwi, maple syrup.  continued on into food prep for the week; hummus making, a big pot of reishi tea and a little pot of forbidden rice.  another little lie down, a little studying.  the day is gorgeous, sunny and 85.  after whipping up some lunch for tomorrow (forbidden rice cooked in Kentucky's leftover bacon fat, tossed w/toasted walnuts, kale, coconut, dates, and a little seaweed) jumped on the bike to pedal up to Ward's grocery store for the Veganaise i promised Kentucky I'd buy today.  i LOVE grocery shopping and its something i missed intensely living at Twin Oaks.  I love to wander through the aisles and see what catches my eye, what's on sale, what looks was the first day of local kumquats, not too expensive either.  i grabbed a 69 cent FL avocado (always good to have a few extras ripening in the pantry), a mango that also would require some ripening and a $2 melon.  found my Veganaise.  meanwhile i'd been texting with a couple of classmates--one was studying and i contemplated joining her.  another friend was just sitting down to meditate so i headed over to his place and joined for the sit, relishing the beautiful bikeride day en route.  after sitting we morphed into an impromptu muscle review and palpation session.  I love being a massage school nerd with nerdy massage school friends!  and then some serious talk and processing.  yep, still me.

i so relish the feeling of autonomy that fills my weekends.  cooking on whim, lounging on a on a whim and following the tides of the day and my desires.