Monday, January 8, 2007

down in NYC

well, i still haven't written about klez kamp and new years at TO, but for now i'm just going to write about today. I'm in NYC now, staying with and working for my uncle, and preparing to leave the country on Thursday (!). It's been feeling pretty hard being apart from Sky (my partner). we've recently solidified our partnership and this is the longest that we'll have been apart (3 month). its definately weird to finally feel like i found the person that i want to BE with, at least for a good long while, and then immediately leave for international travels.

That said, i'm definately looking forward to being in Israel. I've always loved spending time outside the US, and i really enjoy immersing myself in a different culture. I've been studying a bit of hebrew, the language is beautiful and i love the feel of it in my mouth. i feel ready for a good adventure and a totally new experience.

my time here in ny is being pretty mellow--taking care of logistical things, hanging out with my uncle and cousin, sleeping in......the other day i tried my hand at busking on the subway, inside of the moving car; it was very interesting and gratifying. doing it that way, you're really right in people's space, so i tried hard to be sensitive. on the whole, folks were very appreciative and generous. (it was my most lucrative busking experience yet). generally feeling calm and sad, emotionally tired and emptying out in preparation for what's to come.