Thursday, April 22, 2010

what what

somehow things are continuing to hurtle forward at breakneck speed, with us poor wingless folks clinging on for dear life. note to self: learn how to fly.

foodscapes jobs continue to stream our way, despite the fact that we still lack a proper vehicle. (doh!) people still keep coming to stay at the hostel, despite the fact that we have regular flake outs of every stripe (arranging pick-ups, faulty keys, forgotten shifts). and i swing between leaping straight into the storm, juggling schedules, materials, logistics, pulling favors....and leaping back out to sauna, putter in our garden, blast music and just forget that i ever agreed to be a part of 2 (why, oh why) new businesses.

but then...its so sweet meeting the hostel dwellers who faun over the comfyness and cozyness of Alexander House. and how damned gratifying to start people on the path to food subsistence.