Friday, April 10, 2009

announcing the urban evolution blog!!

Dear friends and allies,

Our new blog is live and active: Chronicles from the Urban Evolution in Charlottesville, VA

There's a reason why the counter-culture moved back to the country in the '60's. But it's time to return to the city with the lessons learned. Often when people leave intentional community there's an assumption that they will have to re-adjust to a mainstream lifestyle. We're proving that this is not so, and this blog aims to chronicle our efforts.

Several of the early posts provide an outline of our efforts, which continue to evolve as our lives here in Charlottesville evolve. Also included in these posts is a request for financial and material support, which you are welcome to ignore. We are using this blog as a vehicle for our fund-raising efforts, but the primary purpose is to document our efforts in the hopes that they can be inspiring and/or edifying to others.

You can subscribe to our blog via the a link on the blog's sidebar . Or you can sign up for our email list, which also includes announcements about upcoming events, activities, and gatherings we're involved with here in town, and occasional articles and informational snippets we think are worth passing on. You can subscribe to the email list here or let us know and we'll put you on.

We hope you enjoy it!

In Community,
kassia and sky

spring! is! here!!! (pics to follow)


this dog barks and
how crazily houses
eyes people smiles
faces streets
steeples are eagerly


ing through wonder
ful sunlight
o-p-e-n-i-n- g

are(leaves;flowers) dreams

come quickly come
run run
with me now
jump shout(laugh
dance cry sing)for

it's Spring
and in
earth sky trees
where a miracle arrives


you and I may not
hurry it with
a thousand poems
my darling
but nobody will stop it

With All The Policemen In The

- ee cummings

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have Pinkeye!

or is it poison ivy? either way, i look like bloody hell.