Wednesday, April 2, 2008


well, we made it all the way across the country, made it through another 10 day meditation course in central california, and now we're relaxing in berkeley, haven of thai restaurants and hippies in wheelchairs. it's really like a little island here. the streets are lined with organic and vegan restaurants, collectively owned businesses, natural groceries and groovy social service agencies. i almost want just move in, work at the vegan raw organic restaurant, take yoga and capoeira classes and hang out with the good vibes at the gorilla cafe.

i've been busking here, and it feels good to be doing public music expression. people appcreciate it though the homeless folks are a bit more agro then i'm used to. and sky and i started brainstorming for FOLFAM, an organization we want to start in Portland(i dreamed it up on the last 10 day meditation course). it stands for "friends of local food and music". the idea is to connect people with free or cheap local food and music as a way to build community and help people eat healthily and affordably.

the limbo feeling is still tugging at me, and the antsyness to just BE somewhere, finally and for good. but its not so bad here and carrot juice sure is plentiful!