Monday, January 23, 2012


I will (hopefully) be exiting mainstream society once again in a year, and have started to ponder the weaning process.  Its fascinating particularly in the techno-realm, because I was still living at Twin Oaks when cell phones, texting, and facebook exploded.  I resisted their tempting pull initially.  And eventually, i sucame.  in a MAJOR way. To the point where I've been known to say things like "why call, when you can text?" and find myself trapped in a technology loop, viewing friends of friends facebook pics.  EEK!!!  Sky insists that the transition back will be smooth and easy, that there's no expectation of instant communication at Twin Oaks.  But I'm wonder if these new neural pathways will take more then a gentle nudging to re-form themselves. At any rate, thank goodness for the intervention.