Saturday, September 20, 2008

my free will astrology horoscope for this week feels very pertinent:

What you're about to leave behind is helpful but a bit dull; it's fortifying but old-fashioned; comforting but homely. What you're headed toward, on the other hand, is invigorating, through slightly disruptive; it's futuristic and amusingly confusing; interesting but also a real test of your flexibility. The transition may happen faster than you thought it would. Congratulations in advance on being a good-natured transformer.

things i'm excited about right now:

1. giving lots of massages
2. starting a distance learning doula training
3. joining the UVA klezmer band and the accordian death squad when i get back from europe
4. the new and improved vulgar bulgars...?
5. networking with the many awesome community folks in this area
6. sky

i did a crazy overnight at TO in the middle of a wed-mon cville stint. the VB's finally reunite at the pirate party! it was super fun to play together again, amplified and in front of a rowdy audience dressed as pirates. arr! then the party get very debauched and i felt detached.

more good talks with good folks in cville. even a few potential friendships that i feel good about. flame gave me some encouragement to keep doing massages. i've started working on the doula training. and continue to drool over many houses around town that are for sale.

busking at the farmer's market on saturday morning was moderately lucrative, but i ran into joel rubin, renowned klez clarinetist and leader of the UVA klez ensemble, which he invited me to join. and rat came by, of the accordian death squad. they've recently lost their fiddler and she sort of invited me to join. and the VBs have secured the awesomest accordianist around, and will begin remaking ourselves into a kickass wedding ensemble for the spring '09 season! yee haw.