Sunday, November 11, 2007

magic mountain

we are entering the final month of adamah and winter is closing in.

the other night, a friend and i went on a night-time hiking adventure. loaded down with blankets, candles, hot ginger tea, warm applesauce, chocolate, and a little herb, we hiked up to the beebe hill spot of future adamah fields. its an amazing spot, a serene field looking down on a horizon-full of mountains. we hiked up in the dark and found a place under a huge old tree. the hug of mountains around us was barely visible beneath the stars, despite the darkness of the new moon. we set up our little camp and said a bunch of prayers and blessings of thanks for the spot and life and beauty and wonder. then we set personal intentions for the herb, including specific requests.

tucked into our little spot, cuddled against the cold we blasted each other wide open, sharing deeply about inner monsters and dark spots by the light of flickering candles. and when it was time to go, we warded of the chill by sprinting across the wide mountain field towards home.

pure magic.