Tuesday, May 19, 2009

whirlwind, continued

driving back from meditation land with lun was a trip--we got into a conversation about ascending to the 4th dimension in 2012. time is speeding up--and i can feel it. coming back, suddenly 2 collective businesses are leaping into existance (hostel and patchwork farms). lovely folk appeared, with whom i'd love to create a community. we've got a Realtor scanning for our perfect community house, looking to move by early autumn. the garden has exploded, and we're digging up a neighbor's yard for a quasi-community garden. we threw a fantastic (12 hour marathon) woodfolk 10th anniversary party. i performed 3 times in 3 days, and we took over a parking spot.

i'm still landing a bit from the transition--and it was SO GOOD to descend into the depths of my body for a week, reconnecting on a cellular level with the deepest truth: everything changes.

ironically, this feels like a vital mast to hold fast to as life rushes and streams through me.