Tuesday, March 24, 2015

back at it

Entering the endzone here in gainesville--seems like a good time to restart this here bloggy.

i really enjoy the final months of a place before moving; its so easy to sink into the moment and appreciate all the little experiences in a super-tender way.

This morning was Tai Chi, i'm moving pretty fast through the form--committed to getting the whole durn thang before leaving town.  its getting easier, like learning dance moves that become increasingly familiar.

final got to some cooking time this afternoon after the famine of the last weeks.  made some grits--locally grown and all, big ole chunky things.  made it into a chive-sprinkled polenta loaf. + beans.  greens from Siembra with onions and mushrooms.

a  puttery-laundry-cleaning sort of day, welcome after the busyness of the last weeks.

went to the gym later, trying to get back into the weights and did a half zumba class with the inestimable brandon, flaming dancing queen extraordinaire.

in a bit of a slump but then aren't i always, unless i'm manically preparing for 10 things.  the weather was cooler and grey.

finished off the day with Blackfire rehearsal--we are sounding so awesome, its just another reminder of how tragically transient bands are.  wish there were a way to make it work, its so amazing to create something that is so uniformly awesome.  so so satisfying.  

Have been enjoying this :