Wednesday, September 29, 2010

early autumn update

scanning previous posts, i felt inspired tonight to share with y'all what is up in the world of kas. maybe its because sky just left for 2 weeks on the west coast, maybe its because my internal tectonic shifts feel particularly poignant (don't they always though), maybe just because its a lonely rainy night.

aright peeps, here's the highlights.

after a long bout of internal wrestling and resistance, Cloud TO helped me break out and re-fall in love with my long beloved fiddle friend again. with her gentle (and totally unexpected!) guidance and support, i let me heart re-open to this part of myself, and am on the brink of embarking on new adventures in music; namely jumping into the world of jazz. more importantly, we've rekindled our long standing romance and i feel a renewed tenderness towards my fiddly friend. if you're in cville, come on out to live arts 5pm this sunday afternoon for a show of tangoes, wine and cheese.

falling in love is the theme here, and i am re-falling in love with sky. we've got tons o' shit to work out, and are beginning to do so as well as getting in touch with why the heck we're doin' this crazy thing together. feeling particularly blessed to have a partner who shares so many of my values and lifestyle choices....and is such a steady rock of love, support and nurturance in my life. new sparks and sparking too, but i feel shy about sharing that here....

both businesses continue to boom, the hostel has a fantastic crew of 5 at the moment, and made it successfully through year 1 of cooperative ownership, yahoo! cville foodscapes prepares for a series of end of season reflection sessions. still need more steady perhaps? jewish pre-school? incontinence windfall? sugar daddy or mama?

nearly 2 years here in cville. a women's group has spun off from the birthday women's camping trip that i organized, the urban commune has re-formed with an awesome group of energized peeps, woodfolk contains a number of these particular peeps at the moment, building connections with certain Twin Oakers and Acorners, and the various groups continue to intersect and coalesce in interesting and satisfying ways. I'm learning that one of the juiciest experiences for me is bringing together folks i love who don't know each other and facilitating cross-pollinating connections. love it!

personal growth
rockin' the killer trio of vipassana meditation, co-counseling and landmark. blasting stuff wide open, discharging childhood traumas, expanding my capacities, learning and re-learning to just be with it all.

so that's mostly what's up at the moment. i'm certainly curious if there's still anyone out there reading this, and pondering future directions and how this medium can be of most benefit to others.

but meanwhile, snuggily time fast approaches and my bed is calling to me..........