Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i've been finding myself in many conversations about "what's wrong with twin oaks", and why i left. one main reason that i'm noticing more and more is the tendency towards negativity. its so hard to resist, so easy to indulge, and so ultimately unproductive!

despite that, my time there this week was fine--nesting in ira's room is very nice, also spending more time with sky/willow. the band finally reunited and had a couple of practices, preparing for our first gig in over 6 months! this weekend--a wedding at a goat farm/b&b, with belly dancers and a bluegrass band. should be interesting. all the usual challenges are there, but mostly i feel such a sense of relief to be able to release that part of me again, the part that comes alive in the vulgar bulgars. especially after thinking that it was over, in the past, never to be again.

europe plans are falling into place, as well, so i'm feeling more excited and optimistic about that. we even bought tickets back to the states(dec 18th). the current itenerary is: amsterdam(or southern netherlands, depending on housing options, copenhagen/christiania with hawina, sky & willow, a week at a community in italy w/willow and sky, then the meditation course in germany with sky. after that we'll have 10 days or so to make our way to spain, possibly stopping in berlin, prague, paris, bordeaux....and then a few weeks in spain, possibly also tamera community in portugal. feels like a good mix of free-form and structure. it'll certainly be interesting.

i got such a huge energetic kick from the raw food dinner that i'm trying to focus more on diet and eating well. i just slipped though and ate a bunch of moose-tracks ice cream!